Fr. Chris Walsh, Catholic Pastor in Philadelphia

Welcome to the personal website of Fr. Chris Walsh, pastor at Saint Raymond of Penafort, a Catholic community in Mount Airy in Philadelphia where God is glorified and His people sanctified.


About Fr. Chris Walsh

Fr. Chris Walsh is one of the most blessed priests in the Catholic Church: he serves a wonderful parish, he is often surrounded with talented people searching for holiness and he has a small fridge that is constantly supplied with Guinness!

Through the grace of Almighty God he heard the call to the priesthood (he was shocked, his family was really shocked, his friends were really, really shocked). He studied at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary for six years before ordination in May 1999.

Today Fr. Chris serves as pastor at St. Raymond of Penafort. Learn more...


Letters: 1350 East Vernon Road, Philadelphia, PA (Map)

Twitter: @frchriswalsh

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